By Pharmacists to Pharmacists

By Pharmacists to Pharmacists

Do you feel that the purpose of our profession has been confined in pills counting and prescription checking. Do you Notice every day a mistakes in patient’s medication profiles and you have barriers to communicate with them?

Do you believe that your profession has a better role in healthcare? Are you seeking more independence in your career? Are you looking for an achievement based payment system, rather than a fixed stagnant salary?

Join Us, Because we are
stronger together than ever.

This is the platform you have been looking for to establish your
successful career, Join and become a member of our family. Start a
merit based earning with a flexible working schedule.
Your role is vital and integral, your success is everyone’s success.

On demand Flexible

Manage your career from home, reach out to patients on your available time. Schedule appointments and create a flexible and smooth work process. You don’t have to be in a rush or under stress but rather on your convenience. To join AVION Health Science follow the below process.

How It Works


Create Account

Log in and
create account


Submit your Credentials
and licensing information



Enter information

Enter your information
in order to find the best
match for your credentials

Go Live

Go Live and start your
interaction with the
assigned patients
(Follow the steps and )




Submit your interaction and we will pick up
from your finish line. An assigned team will
verify and authenticate your work

Get Earnings

Once work is authenticated and session is
submitted to health plan, Payment will be
made, and you
Get your earnings


Pharmacist FAQ!

Have More Questions and concerns please visit our Pharmacist FAQ

Getting Started

AVION is an interactive pharmaceutical platform which gives you the ability to manage your work at your time. The payment system is a merit based system which pays you based on your achievement. AVION is the platform where your learned science in school is not a waste but a necessity. The combination of these reasons makes AVION the best working spot for you.

The Choice of pharmacists is based on the area and the need. If your jurisdiction or area doesn’t have any opportunities then your credentials will be saved in our system until the best match for your credentials allocated.

Avion health science charges one time payment of $80for pharmacists. This payment is necessary to help us to conduct further research and background check for enrollees. Aside from this payment no other payments or recurring payments are necessary.

Yes, Pharmacists can join AVION regardless of their employment status. However, We encourage you to maintain patient confidentiality and privacy as priority. Also, any solicitation of patients or their prescriptions to any pharmacy other than the patient choice is extremely prohibited.

Your scope of work will include but not limited to

AVION Health Science
Medication Therapy Management Medication Synchronization Adherence Assistance
MEDICATION RECONCILIATION High risk populations (Uncontrolled DM, HTN, HIV, And others) Patient’s Education and Counselling

Yes, you can. The most important thing is to deliver your services and work from a private location where the patient’s Privacy and confidentiality are maintained. Noises on the background of the calls are prohibited, this is why we encourage you to conduct the service from a private location.

The system is open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM Sunday through Saturday. Any communication beyond these hours should be noted and scheduled in the patient profile.

No, Personal information sharing is extremely prohibited, if the patient needs to communicate with you or with AVION the contact information of AVION Health Science should be provided